Frequently Asked Questions

+ What does $1,400 include?

$1,400 is the price for a custom titanium frame only (road, gravel, cyclocross, commuting, touring, bikepacking, fat, track, triathlon or single speed). MTBs designed for front suspension are $1400. MTBs designed with rear suspension are individually quoted. There is an extra charge for frame couplers or on any frame.

+ How Much is a frameset?

A custom frameset (frame, headset, and fork) start at $1,500.

+ Do you have build kit to select from?

Our builds are fully custom, but we are in the process of creating reference road and gravel build kits with prices.

+ Do you have any used or demo bike for sale?

If we have any stock frames or used/demo bikes for sale they will be listed on our eBay store here.

+ What is the process to order a custom frame?

It typically take 3 weeks to design your Unicorn. We will exchange ideas/information via email, phone and or in person. I will start a shared online document to collaborate on the design. Multiple drawings will be created included detailed CAD drawings. Once you approve the final CAD drawing it will take about 8 weeks to build the frame. We require half the cost of your total order to start building. When the frame is built we will send pictures and at that time the balance is required.

+ Where are the frames build?

The frames are made in Asia to keep prices low.

+ Unicorn Cycles Titanium Frame Limited Warranty

All Unicorn Cycles frames are covered for 5 years against damage due to manufacturing defects for the original purchaser. Frame decals are covered for 1-year. We will repair or replace, at our discretion, any frame we deem defective. You must register the warranty claim online at

The warranty does not cover damage due to ordinary wear and tear, neglect, frame modifications or intentional destruction. The warranty does not cover third-party components purchased with the frame or installed at a later time, damage caused by incorrectly installed or misconfigured components.

If you happen to have a crash or non-warranty situation, we will work with you on a responsible replacement price.

+ What is the history of Unicorn Cycles?

Read more about how Unicorn Cycles here.