Custom Titanium Bikes

Road, Gravel, Cyclocross, Commuting, Touring, Bikepacking, MTB, Fat, Track, Triathlon, Single Speed

Don't buy an off-the-rack bike, Own a Unicorn, and ride something

F*cking magical!


Unicorn Cycles specializes in low-cost custom titanium frames.

We believe custom frames don’t have to be expensive.


Unicorns are designed specific to each rider. The frames geometry and components are all meticulously scrutinized. All customizations are included for one flat price.


A custom titanium bike doesn't have to be expensive. Titanium frames can last a lifetime and will likely reside in your stable long after a carbon frame.  Save money and get the exact build you want from the start on a frame that will last.


Only with a properly fitted bike can one achieve maximum power, speed and efficiency. Performance also includes safety, handling and comfort. Sometimes performance in one area is at the cost of another. Only with a custom bike can the desired balance of characteristics can be achieved. 


A "comfortable" bike starts with a frame tailored to your exact proportions, type of riding, accessories and other gear. Unicorn Cycles provides extensive consulting to understand each riders individuals needs.


It’s titanium what more is there to say.


Take pride in a one of a kind custom Unicorn.


$1,400 USD.